Tracing user activities across AUDIT, IIS and Cognos Logs

Some times for stubborn intermittent problems like users complaining 'random' slow down of reports or errors without any description, you want to investigate multiple layers.
You can start with following:
1.       Enable Cognos Auditing and check COGPIF_USERLOGON with COGPIF_ACTION to understand what operations were exactly going on during the time of error/slow down.
2.       Tally that with IIS Logs. In case of multi-server deployment, Audit gives you the IP Address of application server that handled the request. If there are any network related issues, IIS might have more information. If IIS logs have no corresponding entries, you know that client (Analysis Studio, Workspace Advanced, etc) is not even hitting the server.
3.       If IIS logs show corresponding entries, POST and GET operation and no network related errors, then check for Cognos logs (cogserver.log)


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