Copying multiple Report Studio reports into one

Some times we create seperate reports but later on require to copy them all into one to make a report pack. Though Report Studio is very good in allowing us copy paste individual objects across, you need to be very cautious otherwise you will end up spending hours in fixing errors.
In my understanding, if you follow below steps, you will be fine.

1. Open the first report in studio that you would like to copy in the pack.
2. First of copy all required Query Subjects across to destination by going in query explorer.
3. Then copy the conditional variables across to destination report.
4. Now we need to copy the Conditional Styles across but unfortunately it is not direct copy-paste operation. Hence, you will need to open both source and destination reports' XML specification in an editor. Then locate the Conditional Style tags from source report (they are usually towards the end of specification) and copy them to destination reports.
5. Now bring the modified specification back in report studio. Finally copy the REPORT PAGES across.
6. That's it! You are done. Now validate the destination report and it should validate without any errors.

Note: The package for destination report should either be same as source or be compatible for copying (i.e. all object names and hierarchies should be same)

All the best!


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