Retrieving FM package from a published package in Cognos connection

By Dilip Aghav:

It often happens that you need to work a package that was published long time back and you don't have or can't find the original Framework Model now. What to do in that? Recreate the FM model? No need... Find below the steps to recover, or we can say recreate, the FM Model using published package.

1. Create a blank file called cqeconfig.xml and save under Cognos8/bin on the server.

2. Write following code in this file:

3. Restart the Cognos 8 service for the change to take effect.
4. Stop the Cognos 8 service.
5. Rename the cognos8/data/cqe/rtmodel directory on app server to a different name.
6. Start the Cognos 8 Service
7. Create a new report using the package you wish to recover.
8. A new Cognos8/data/cqe/rtmodel directory will be created, and an XML file will be added to it. This model contains the information you need for your framework model. Take a copy of this file on your local or on the machine where you have FM installed.
9. Create empty project in FM. (Select the design language and cancel the MetaData wizard and save). Close FM.
10. Delete model.xml from FM project folder.
11. Copy xml file from point 7 to the FM project folder and rename as model.xml.
12. Open the model in Framework Manager and use it.

Congratulations! You have recreated the framework model from a published package.

To reset the server settings:
1. Rename cqconfig.xml or delete it. (on UAT the file is renamed to cqconfig1.xml currently)
2. Restart the Cognos 8 Service for change 8 to take effect.


asv said...

This is really a very Good post.

jayaperi said...
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jayaperi said...

Excellent! Thanks much for the post

Nathan said...

This post is definitely one of the most useful guides I've ever found. Someone with our company left a few weeks back after publishing a new package for a customer which included many, many updates to the model, but he never committed the new framework! This guide gives me what I need to get this framework back. Thanks!

Yoganandam said...

Alternatively, you can use a tool called MOTIO Pi, a free version to restore from published package without restarting the services.

nblank said...


Great post. I discovered a slight problem. Following your post didn't generate a xml-file in the RTModels directory. By google I found the original IBM post:

Following that directions works perfect.

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