Choosing the Best Survey Software For Your Business

We often need to collect data by using Survey Tools. Lot of pre-sales, post-sales, marketing data can be collected by surveys. However, it is important to choose the best survey tool before sending out the links to audience. Below article aims to help ask the right questions before making a choice of Survey software.
It is written by Tim Coombe who has been an IT Professional for 20 years, specialising in Media and Business Intelligence. He has written a very nice and robust survey tool that can be accessed at:


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Graham said...

I think, when it comes to your business, it's not worth signing up for free surveys.

I only pay a small amount each month for conducting research surveys. I personally signed up to Smart Survey, , as they seemed the most professional.

By paying for a survey account, you have access to all of the features they offer which in turn allows better created surveys and in depth results analysis.

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