Successfully Installed Cognos 8.3 BI Server on my laptop (Vista)

Finally I managed to install and start Cognos 8.3 BI server on my laptop with Vista..

You can to choose the default installation for BI server. Also run the BI Modelling installer to install the Framework Manager (choose different installation folder than default)..

Go to Cognos Configuration and start the service. Open services.msc and you can see Cognos 8 is running. Also start Cognos Content service if it is not already running.

Up to here is cake!!

If you have IIS7 and Web Services skills, you can refer to the installation guide and setup the virtual directory for your Cognos installation. I personally couldn't get IIS7 working with Cognos 8.3. It was giving me all kinds of errors around CGI.

So I installed APACHE (freely available) and configured it.

Woolllaa.. It started working ....

Please note:

1. Report Studio doesn't open in current version of Firefox. I need to use IE.
2. The GOSales samples come as separate installation and you need to install them using Cognos Samples Installer.
3. The SQL Server GOSales sample need SQL Server 2008.

Cognos server is huge in itself and can slow down the performance of your laptop drastically. Hence, it is advisable to set the run mode of Cognos service to MANUAL (default is Automatic). Then start the service only when required.
Start Content Manager service before starting the Application service.

Please feel free to share you experiences...

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Pacifier Returns said...

Hello Sir,

If you rememebr. This is Prashant Dev here from Pune. :)

I am trying from ages to install Cognos but all in vain. Help me please.

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